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We realised the fact that the financial requirements of people are varying and they keep changing from time to time. We do not have adequate funds to meet all our requirements and that is why we came up with Fifteen that can finance all your needs and can provide you with the best possible financial solutions to almost all your queries. We assembled the experts of the field and they are the ones who strive you help you in the best possible way they can. We are simply the bridge between the two of you.

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Top 7 Most Common Financial Mistakes

The problems that are faced by people due to insufficient funds to live a good life can be attributed to certain financial mistakes that they make. Let’s look at seven of those.

Borrowed Money

Credit cards might not be an immediate threat to your net worth but they harm your personal economy in ways that may not be so direct. The price at which a substance is charged gets increased every time you opt to pay for them using a credit card.

Excessive expenditure

It is well known that however much money you have, it can always be spent and lost. Every time you spend that extra buck on something, it keeps adding up to your list of expenditures and subtracting from the savings fund that you should have added to.

Too many payments

There are so many things that we keep paying for and never stop and question if we really need those things that much. There are plenty of things which leave you no sense of ownership but still a bunch of money is periodically spent in them. A minimalistic life where you make a list of the facilities that you could do without and the ones you definitely need should be helpful.

Investing on a new car

It is simple to understand that if a person borrows cash to buy a car, they’ve decided to pay interest on something whose value depreciates. A lot of cars are released in the market and shouldn’t be blindly be invested in. There are a lot of people who lose s lot of money because they trade away cars as they hadn’t thought about it.

Too much expenditure on your house

It must be understood that the bigger your house the better it is may not always be the correct way to look at it. There are a lot of factors which go into the selection of a house and then making it into the perfect home. Buying a huge house may not be required and that decision should be taken keeping in mind the number of people who inhabit it.

No respect for Home equity

It is not a good move to take money out of your home equity just because you have a random expense coming your way. Its ownership must be protected and preserved instead of perpetual payments here and there.

Being dependent on consecutive pay-checks

History has it that it isn’t impossible to enjoy a good standard of living without always drowning in debt. The household savings rate of U.S. was 5.5% while that of France, Germany or Japan was over 10%, and it is well known that the people in the latter places live as good a life as any. Once people get into the habit of overspending, it is tough to get out or even keep a track on the expenses.

Top 7 Market Anomalies Investors Should Know

7 market anomalies that any investor should be aware of are:

Small firms mostly outperform

Firms with smaller capitalization are seen outperforming various larger companies can be termed as the first big anomaly. The growth of a company is what drives the stock performance and it is common sense that a smaller company has a long ladder to climb when compared to bigger companies. This means that they have more scope for stock price growth.

The January Effect

This one is better known than most other anomalies. The thought that can be correlated with this is that stocks which have not performed well in the fourth quarter of the year do outperform in the month of January. There is hard logic to back it up as well.


There is a full reversal in the trend of most stocks. This usually happens at the end of the performance spectrum which is mostly after a year and the big dogs become underdogs and vice-versa. Investment fundamentals also state that this anomaly has certain truth attached to it. The fact that everyone expects that they work is part of the reason why they actually do.

The days of the week

This anomaly is widely hated because it is impossible to make any sense out of while still being very true. There are numbers which prove that stocks move much more on a Friday than a Monday, which causes an obvious bias toward positive market on the said day. Although it isn’t a huge mole in the system, it is a strong one.

Low Book Value

There are stocks which have below average ratio of price to book and they outperform in the market. There have also been tests to confirm the fact that a collection of stocks which have lower price to book ratio do beat the market. Individual performance is not assured and a really big group of stocks performs like this making it a pretty weak anomaly.

Dogs of the Dow

This anomaly can simply be seen as the example of the dangerous nature of trading anomalies. It was said that the market could be beaten by selecting stocks which were in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The two major ways in which this idea was adopted was by either selecting 5 stocks which had the lowest stock prices and then holding them for a year or the second was to select 10 stocks which were yielding more than any other in the Dow stocks.

Neglected Stocks

This one is a distant cousin of the Small firm anomaly, because it is said that some neglected stocks are often seen to outperform broad market averages. The stocks which have minimal analyst support and have less liquidity tend to make use of the neglected firm effect. The basic idea why this anomaly is going to function is that such stocks and companies happen to be found or discovered by investors and thus, tend to outperform.

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